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Energy management

A penny saved is a penny earned. We will create an efficient management system for you and your energy management. Energy Management Systems (EMS) are specified in ISO 50001 including the accompanying and supporting guidelines. The standard contains a model for the development of an organization's energy management in terms of resources, processes, and products, and specifies the requirements for an energy management system in organizations that want and need to demonstrate their ability to sustainably improve energy efficiency, reduce the negative environmental impacts of their operations and contribute to sustainable development.


The standard provides an effective set of processes for improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption, thereby achieving energy savings in the overall context of the organization. The standard specifies two areas:

  • Requirements for creating, implementing, maintaining, and improving EMS

  • Requirements applicable to the use and consumption of energy, including measurement, documentation and reporting, design and procedures provided for equipment, systems, processes, and personnel that affect energy performance

What we offer

  • The conducting an initial review of the state of energy management

  • Physical inspection of all company sites

  • Review of the status of existing EMS documentation

  • Identification of weak points

  • Design of a strategy for achieving compliance with legislative requirements

  • Preparation of complete EMS documentation according to your needs and requirements

  • Design of modifications by Act No. 406/2000 Coll. on energy management, including current amendments and compliance with energy management requirements

  • Implementation and certification of ISO 50001 and energy management system

  • Implementation and certification of ISO 14001 and environmental management system including audit of energy

  • Advice and consultation according to your needs and requirements

  • Conducting an energy audit

  • Preparation of all necessary documentation according to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 standards (manual, declaration, organization chart, internal manuals, toolkits)

  • Employee training

  • Assistance in the transition to the new version of ISO 50001:2018

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