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Security for the supply chain

We will advise you on how to set the criteria for selecting a supplier, and together we will examine the supply chain and create the conditions for better control and development.

The specification for security management systems for the supply chain is the ISO 28000 standard including accompanying and supporting guidelines. It is a standard that enables an organization to establish a comprehensive supply chain security management system. ISO 28000 specifies the requirements for a management system in organizations that want and need to demonstrate their ability to sustainably manage safety within their suppliers.

What we offer

  • Initial review and GAP analysis

  • Reviews of the status of existing documentation

  • Identification of weaknesses

  • Design of compliance strategies      

  • Preparation of complete documentation according to your needs and requirements

  • Comprehensive services in setting up safety management systems

  • Implementation and maintenance of management systems

  • Advice and consultation according to your needs and requirements

  • Internal audits and customer audits of your suppliers

  • Risk analysis of your supply chain security management system

  • Preparation of all necessary documentation according to the needs of the ISO 28000 standard (manual, declaration, organization chart, internal manuals, toolkits)

  • Employee training

  • Turnkey implementation of the safety management system

  • Ensuring ISO 28000 certification

  • Ensuring all necessary activities related to obtaining ISO 28000 certification

  • External activities of auditor, safety manager

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