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The automotive industry is based on a wide and interconnected network of suppliers, each of which       shares information of varying sensitivity, be it data regarding  prototypes, projects, know-how, production, or advertising. Tisax (abbreviated from the English “Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange”) is a scheme designed for suppliers and manufacturers in the automotive industry to demonstrate their sufficient level of information security. It is based on the ISO/IEC 2700 series of information security standards but is supplemented by the specifics of the automotive sector. Tisax is a mechanism for the assessment and exchange of safety information and allows participants in this interconnected network to recognize each other's assessment results. Whether you are a customer or a supplier in the automotive sector, you can take advantage of this system. Indeed, often its use is non-negotiable - many car manufacturers require it as a prerequisite for entering into a business relationship and winning a contract.

What we offer

  • Comprehensive services in setting up an information security management system

  • Implementation and maintenance of the management system

  • Consultation according to your needs and requirements

  • Preparation of all necessary documentation according to the needs of Tisax certification

  • Employee training

  • Provision of  all necessary activities related to obtaining the Tisax Label certificate - preparation of risk analysis and implementation of appropriate measures at all levels (physical, logistical, personal, communication, and organizational security)

  • Establishment of  a security policy 

  • Prevention and resolution of information security incidents

  • Personnel security (human resources security) - achieved by training employees and by conducting internal audits

Do you supply goods and services to the automotive industry and do your customers or other interested parties want  proof of information security? If so, you can implement an ISMS and ask for a Tisax assessment (this is not intended solely for manufacturers - you may well be a supplier of advertising, projects, drawings, or personnel).

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