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Certification of management systems

We will provide you with turnkey management system certification. We have consultants and auditors. Certification of a management system is an independent and impartial assessment of its conformity with the requirements specified in a standard, norm, or regulation.


Certification of management systems consists of four stages:

  • Preparation and implementation of requirements

  • Audit of documentation

  • Certification audit at the organization

  • Award of the certificate

This process is followed by a surveillance audit or, after the expiry of the validity period indicated on the certificate, a recertification audit. Accredited certification by a professional assessor (qualified auditor) is an asset to your organization in the marketplace.

What we offer

  • Comprehensive services in the certification process (preparation - application - offer - certificate)

  • Preparation and provision of the certification of the following management systems:

    • ISO 9001 certification: confirmation of the quality of the established quality management system.

    • Certification according to ISO 14001: confirmation of support and environmental friendliness

    • ISO/IEC 20000-1 certification: confirmation of the quality of the IT management system in place

    • ISO/IEC 27001 certification: confirmation of the information security system in place

    • ISO 45001 certification: confirmation of the occupational health and safety management system in place

    • ISO 50001 certification: confirmation of the energy management system in place

    • EMAS program: implementation of an environmental management system and registration in the EMAS database

    • ISO 28000 certification: declaration of supply chain security

    • ISO 3834 certification: declaration of the quality of welding processes

  • Advice and consultation according to your needs and requirements

  • Internal audit

  • Preparation of all necessary documentation according to the needs of the standard (manual, declaration, organization chart, internal manuals, toolkits)

  • Training of employees

  • Implementation of the above-offered management systems as a whole on a turnkey basis or partially,  according to the client’s wishes

  • Certification by an independent certification body (auditor)

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