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Product certification

We provide you with professional testing and product certification in both the commercial and regulated sectors.

Product certification is the independent verification that a specified product meets the technical requirements set out in any applicable directives, government regulations, norms, or other standards. Product certification means proving that a product is fit for its purpose to gain the confidence of consumers and customers. It also serves as a certificate of compliance with the utility, quality, and hygiene characteristics of the product set by technical regulations or standards, and, last but not least, the certificate also serves as evidence of compliance of the product's characteristics with legal regulations.


Product certification generally consists of five stages:

  • Requirements analysis

  • Design, construction, and manufacture

  • Preparation of technical documentation

  • Conformity assessment

  • Certification

What we offer

  • Completion of all formalities related to certification

  • Preparation or completion of the necessary documentation

  • Preparation of risk analysis

  • Consultancy processing of procedures suitable for your products

  • Preparation of a draft Declaration of Conformity/EU Declaration of Conformity

  • Completion of the formalities necessary for conformity assessment and subsequent certification in the regulated area (participation of a notified/authorized person required)

  • Cooperation in the assessment of machinery and equipment, including risk analysis according to the relevant regulations, taking into account the requirements of government regulations

  • Assistance in the processing of missing operational documentation

  • Suggestions of measures to remedy deficiencies arising from the assessment

  • Assistance in the preparation of the local operating safety code

  • Periodic follow-up inspections      

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