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Internal audits

We review conformity to requirements for processes, products, and personnel. Our auditors are competent of doing internal audits. Internal audits are a requirement of many system standards and verify the settings of the management system in a given company.

Audit activities consist of a detailed analysis/verification of the current organization's management system, individual process, and products. The result of the audit is the planning and implementation of appropriate actions to achieve conformity to requirements of specified ISO standards.


Internal audits are divided into three categories:

  • A first-party audit occurs when an audit is performed within your organization by your auditing resource. This is often called an internal audit.

  • A second-party audit is performed by a supplier, customer, or contractor, often against their proprietary requirements.

  • A third-party audit is performed by an independent body (i.e., a registrar such as an assessor) against a recognized standard (i.e., ISO 9001).

We perform internal audits according to the client's pre-approved program and audit plan - they can be performed regularly based on a contract or ad hoc according to the customer's needs. All necessary tasks are performed by experienced professionals with many years of practical experience.

What we offer

  • The design of annual audit programs

  • Internal audits (first-party)

  • Customer audits (second-party)

  • Cooperation in certification audits (third party)

  • Process design

  • Process documentation and guidelines for audits

  • Revision of procedures

  • Training and education of your auditors

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