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Social responsibility

We know how to make transparency, relationships with partners, the positive perception of the organization in society, and credibility. The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) represents an interrelated set of activities and practices in an organization's social, environmental, and economic spheres. The European Commission defines CSR as 'the responsibility of enterprises for the impact of their activities on society. CSR management systems are specified in SA 8000, CSN 01 0391, and other standards, including accompanying and supporting guidelines. The standards contain a model for the development of an organization's social responsibility in terms of resources, processes, and products.


At the heart of an organization's corporate social responsibility is the way it manages and builds relationships with its partners, which contributes to increasing credibility, sustainability, and improving aspects of social responsibility. These include respect for human rights, care for and equal access to employees, job creation, lifelong learning, pollution prevention, use of renewable resources, conservation of energy, water, and other resources, transparency, anti-corruption, and quality of products and services. It is a set of socially responsible activities that result in a positive impact on society and a benefit and competitive advantage for the company - a voluntary commitment by companies to behave responsibly to the environment and society.

Corporate social responsibility can bring improvements to an organization in terms of risk management, cost savings, relationships with customers, employees, and other stakeholders including the public or local communities. Meeting CSR standards brings transparency, credibility, differentiation from competitors, and the opportunity to participate in public procurement.

What we offer 

  • Advice and consultation according to your needs and requirements

  • The conducting of an initial professional review of the CSR status

  • Review of the status of existing CSR documentation

  • Identification of weak points

  • Design of a CSR strategy

  • Implementation of an employee satisfaction survey

  • Internal audits

  • Preparation of all necessary documentation (manuals, declarations, organization charts, internal manuals, toolkits....)

  • Comprehensive services in setting up a CSR management system

  • Implementation and maintenance of the management system

  • Employee training

  • Simple turnkey implementation of the CSR management system

  • Ensuring CSR certification

  • Outsourcing of CSR auditors and CSR managers

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