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Life cycle of products

We can help you make your products more efficient and environmentally friendly. Product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a standard (CSN EN ISO 14001:2016) defining "the successive and interrelated stages of a product system (or service system), from extraction to final disposal."

The LCA includes seven stages:

  • Raw material extraction

  • Product design

  • Product manufacturing

  • Transportation/delivery

  • Product use

  • End-of-life processing

  • Final disposal (disposal)

Examples of life cycle stages that can usually be influenced:

  • Distribution/transport: energy consumption, emissions, noise pollution

  • Recycling/disposal: waste production

  • Distribution/packaging: energy consumption, waste production, impact on downstream transport

The LCA method allows the environmental impacts of a product or service to be assessed in terms of its entire life cycle, thus providing information for decision-making. LCA aims to identify and quantify all the environmental impacts associated with a product from the extraction of raw materials, its production, its use, to its end-of-life and disposal - at all stages of its life cycle.

What we offer

  • Preparation of product life cycle analysis for ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 requirements

  • Review of legal and other requirements for your product

  • Orientation in legislation

  • Advice on air protection, waste, water and water management, chemicals, the product’s life cycle, etc.

  • Implementation and certification of ISO 14001 and environmental management systems

  • EMAS certification/registration

  • Ecological/environmental audits

  • Initial environmental review

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